Transport of goods

Truck transport of products which require enhanced care and regulated temperature. Quickly and safely throughout the European Union.

  • Transport of chilled and frozen goods at a temperature range of +25°C to -25°C

    Chilled and frozen food products

    We provide transport of all kinds of chilled and frozen food products. Our semi-trailers are equipped with refrigerating and freezing units that enable us to transport food products within a temperature range from +25 to –25 °C. Your chilled and frozen products will be transported on time, on the agreed date.

  • Transport of fruits and vegetables. We take care to preserve the freshness of goods

    Fruits and vegetables

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are transported directly from production farms or from the dominant European ports. Our goal is to reflect the needs of the market. If the exterior temperature is high, our trailers’ freight compartments are cooled in advance. If the transport has to be fast, two drivers are available for faster delivery. We care about your Goods staying fresh all the time.

  • Transport of flowers and live plants. Maximum capacity utilization, careful handling

    Flowers and live plants

    Transport of potted flowers, cut flowers, indoor plants, and herbs is our daily job. Our flower semi-trailers are 4 cm wider than the standard ones, therefore, transportation of more goods in one load is possible. Our stuff is trained and specially instructed to fill the space to its maximum. The compartments are also designed to prevent movement. The secure transfer of your goods at any time is our priority.

  • Transportation of high value products and safety requirements

    Products of high value and with safety requirements

    Transport of delicate and valuable electronics and consumer goods from e-shops is provided with insurance coverage up to EUR 175,000. Guarded car parks, closed box freight compartments, special locks and GPS system which allows you to locate the exact place of your goods anytime, guarantee safety of your valuable goods all the time.

  • Transport of drugs and chemical substances subject to ADR, we care about the purity of the semi-trailer

    Chemical and pharmaceutical products

    Safe transport in clean trucks of medicines, drugs and chemicals, which are subject to ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Road Transport of Dangerous Goods)

  • Transport of furniture, office equipment, industrial goods and other dry goods on pallets

    Dry pallet goods

    If you need to transport goods whose temperature does not need to be regulated, we offer transport of dry pallet goods. This category includes transport of furniture, office supplies, empty trolleys and containers or other industrial goods. Dry pallet goods are transported in box truck bodies which significantly increase their safety and prevent against damage. We operate mostly export from Slovakia and the Czech Republic to other European countries. If necessary, we can assign two drivers in order to provide fast transport.

Why cooperate with us?

  • Fast and professional service which reflects your needs within 15 - 20 minutes from placing your order.
  • We communicate in German, English, Hungarian and Polish in addition to Slovak and Czech.
  • A transport manager with required language skills is at your disposal 24 hours per day.
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